3D Animations for GRMinc.ca

3D animations to rock your business! The creative team at Red Wagon video crafted this highly creative animated logo for GRMinc.ca.  From concept sketches to fully rendered 3d models, we do it all.  Authentic, original, and unique artwork, we will make your brand stand apart from your competitors. So how can you apply 3d animations to market your business?  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Animated logo
  • 3d caricatures for print design
  • 3d models and illustrations for web design
  • A branded mascot for advertising media
  • User-facing interactive diagrams
  • Explainer video
  • Advertising video

Need a quote for your next 3D animation project?

Red Wagon Video can help you scope a project and understand the creative requirements and the cost to make your 3d animation dreams come true.  We can scale the scope of a project up or down to meet any creative requirement or help your business find a budget you can afford and still make a lasting impression on your audience.

Contact our Creative Director today at info@redwagonvideo.com